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Overlooking the blossoming Tulane Corridor, Treo’s 1400 sq ft gallery opened in February of 2014. This renovated space creates a peaceful yet vibrant setting for each piece to be approached.

Treo offers exhibitions on the first Friday of each month from 6:30-9, accompanied by a reception. The art remains on display to be viewed by our guests throughout the month.

We are proud to have Mid-City’s local artists help curate Treo’s monthly shows. Our goal is for the youthful vibe of Mid-City’s growing art culture to be integral in every exhibit.

An accomplished artist in her own right, Pauline Patterson co- owns the gallery with her husband Stephen. A native of Ireland, Pauline attended the University of Ulster, completing post- graduate work for her degree in Art Education. Along with a graduate degree in Fine Craft Design and certified in Art Therapy, Pauline brings a unique style and perspective to Treo’s gallery.

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