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New Orleans Heritage Series Art Show

Ralph Chabaud and Ronald Romanski.


Jan 12th 2018:
Opening Night Reception for New Orleans Heritage Series Art Show by Ralph Chabaud and Ronald Romanski.

Complimentary wine tasting and cheese board and live music.

Both these artists are members of IATSE 478

Ralph and Ron are retired and enjoying making their own art.

Come out, support them and take a trip down memory lane.

Their collection of paintings tells New Orleans tales of music, and neighborhood, of parades and barrooms.


This show runs from Jan 12th- Feb 23rd


Ralph Chabaud

Artist Statement

Ralph is an artist from New Orleans now living in Baton Rouge. He was educated at LSU with a BFA in painting and Illustration degree from Ringling School of Art.

In his career he has acted as an art director of an Ad Agency, 2 magazines, a major silkscreen co. and ABC affiliated tv station.
For 17 years he served as the serigrapher and colorist for the Jazz Festival posters. Also, has run posters for Planet Publishing Co.
His art has been selected to grace 30 event posters.


As a member of IATSE, Ralph has worked on 50 movies. He has illustrated several such as “Steel Magnolias” and “The Maze Runner”. In the union he has also served as a scenic artist, sign writer, and an onset scenic. Some of the shows have feature art from his collection as set dressing.

Now retired, Ralph enjoys doing art in his studio and playing music with his friends.


Ronald W. Romanski

Artist statement

By training and through practice I make my living as an artist who paints scenery and portraits. If I had to sum up a meaning for painting and its persistence in my life then a “sense of humor ” would be my phrase.

If I can’t laugh or celebrate or rediscover some curiosity in every artwork, then I have not done my job. I am passionate about painting. From the conception of an idea to hanging the completed work I am amused and delighted by the various gifts any single artist ultimately presents to history/herstory and the universe.


Synopsis of artwork

Louisiana, and especially New Orleans, is a place that easily blends evocative scenery and intoxicating history. One hundred years ago if you were strolling not far from here you could hear the sensitive and alluring sounds of a “ragtime”

Piano player named Ferdinand de Mentor, better known as Jelly Roll Morton. Many say this young writer-arranger-performer of hundreds of songs was to become the father of a new musical genre. Today we call this music Jazz.


Stroll with me a little further. Several blocks over from Basin Street on Marais and Iberville, Pete Lala had a saloon and we can hear Freddie Keppard and his band embracing a neighborhood kid who played astonishing clarinet and tenor saxophone. He is Sidney Bechet.

Up Basin Street, near Congo Square and the turnaround of the Carondolet canal, a poor waif practices matching songs on a tin trumpet. He will soon become the preeminent musician of the 20th century. His name? Louis Armstrong.


Only rate sepia photos chronicle the images if Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, and “Satchmo”.

My artworks executed in oil paints, wax and acrylics seek to recapture the ambience and color of that most remarkable time in this most unique of cities.


Contact information

Ph 504 615 1096