Open 7 nights per week, 4pm - Midnight

Join us today for popular handcrafted cocktails, fabulous culinary creations, and weekly art events.


Trèo is the latest project from Pauline and Stephen Patterson, Mid-City residents, Belfast natives and owners of Finn McCool’s Irish Pub, at 3701 Banks St.

Why is it hard to find good trading signals, if you can use The Bitcoin Trader Review which most of the time doesn't get it wrong. Though the Finn McCool’s address had been a Mid-City bar for generations, it was badly deteriorated when they bought it in 2002. Since then, the Pattersons and their staff have built the pub back into a neighborhood institution, convening a community of patrons from across New Orleans and beyond. To add to this, Treonola is keeping up with the times despite the classic backdrop. The fabulous culinary creations we create play host to a wide variety of dietary preferences. For example, for those on a high protein and veg Keto diet we have plenty of entrees. We've even got you covered on the way out. For those who suffer intermittent tiredness or hunger from keto try these keto burn xtreme pills to keep you going until your next meal.


Through its history, Tulane Avenue has been a central artery for the Crescent City, serving both its Mid-City neighborhood and people from around the region.

An unprecedented amount of investment is driving a rebirth along its blocks, and with Trèo we are adding to this promising chapter and helping to build the new direction for its future.