Time & Other Abstractions: Exhibition

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  • Starts: Tue 09-01-2015
  • Ends: Sat 09-26-2015
  • Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Opening Reception: 20150904
  • Location: Treo


Time and Other Abstractions


“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.”
Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

Join  artist Paul Boudousquie, Michael Thiele and Soren Vandegaard in September’s exhibition about time and our relationship to it.

This show will run Sept 1st-Sept 26th

The opening reception will be Friday  Sept 4th 6:30-9


Søren Vandegaard Bio

Born April 28, 1971

Currently lives and works in New Orleans, LA USA


Søren Vandegaard is an emerging artist, working primarily in acrylic paint and bits of colored paper. He often employs recycled cardboard as the surface for bold colors and emotive tableaux in a post-impressionistic manner. While repeatedly applying and removing color with a variety of fun and cathartic mini-commitments, Søren explores the post-accidental route to resolution in a symphony of soulful improvisations that become sealed in a water-based polyurethane…



Studied under:

Jacques Duffourc

Ken Ford



2015 Group Exhibition, Hall-Barnett Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2015 Group Exhibition, Treo, New Orleans, LA

2015 Site-specific installation, The Theatre at St. Claude, New Orleans, LA

2015 Solo exhibition, Idea Factory, New Orleans, LA

2015 Site-specific installation, Hogs for the Cause, New Orleans, LA

2014 Solo exhibition, Royal Menagerie, New Orleans, LA

2012 Solo exhibition, Bean Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2011 Featured Artist, Southern Review, Baton Rouge, LA

2009 French Quarter Fest Poster, New Orleans, LA

2009 Group Exhibition, SHH! Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2008 Group Exhibition, Crescent City Brewhouse, New Orleans, LA


Michael Thiele Bio

My name is Michael Thiele. I grew up in the New Orleans area.

While in art school, I did close up life drawings of marine life and I discovered it to be very difficult to represent the intricacies of the structures and patterns that I observed. Eventually, I was introduced to the Italian mathematician Fibonacci’s “ Golden Ratio.” I discovered that the Golden Ratio related to the various growth patterns of the things I was trying to draw and paint. After more investigation, I found a specific pattern that, to me, epitomized all of what I was seeing. That dynamic pattern became the basis of my artwork.


When I was growing up, my family would take an annual trip to the white sandy beaches of the Florida panhandle just as my father did when he was a boy.  My first encounter with the ocean was at age 2 and it was love at first site.  My affinity for the ocean has never ceased. I have always been inspired by ocean life, specifically by reef invertebrates. When I’ve looked closely at animals such as coral, crustaceans, and cephalopods, I have observed very interesting color interactions that I have not seen anywhere else. In my work, I’m trying to recreate the look and vibe of those animals without a direct association to a specific object.

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