Trèo is the Irish word for direction, and it represents our enthusiasm for the new direction taking shape along Tulane Avenue.

Trèo encompasses fine drinks, adventurous food and local art.
Together, these three passions reflect the genuine hospitality and
creative energy that have always sustained Mid-City and New Orleans.

We are currently renovating the future home of Trèo, a two-story building dating to the 1920s during the first heyday of Tulane Avenue.

On the first floor, guests will find an upscale, smoke-free bar serving both classic and modern cocktails, craft beers and wines and a menu of small plates inspired by flavors from around the globe.

In second floor gallery space, Trèo will showcase the work of artists from around the region and host private events and gatherings. Trèo will also host ongoing, interactive classes with experts in cooking, brewing and mixology.

Tasteful, original and always welcoming, Trèo will be a new hub for gracious hospitality and inspiring evenings in the heart of New Orleans.

Trèo is the latest project from Pauline and Stephen Patterson, Mid-City residents, Belfast natives and owners of Finn McCool's Irish Pub, at 3701 Banks St.

Though the Finn McCool's address had been a Mid-City bar for generations, it was badly deteriorated when they bought it in 2002. Since then, the Pattersons and their staff have built the pub back into a neighborhood institution, convening a community of patrons from across New Orleans and beyond.

With gratitude to their adopted city and its indomitable spirit, they are proud to join the renaissance along Tulane Avenue with Trèo

Through its history, Tulane Avenue has been a central artery for the Crescent City, serving both its Mid-City neighborhood and people from around the region.

An unprecedented amount of investment is driving a rebirth along its blocks, and with Trèo we are adding to this promising chapter and helping to build the new direction for its future.

Visit us February 7th for the Grand Reception. Find us on Facebook or stop by Finn McCool's for a pint and news on the latest developments.